3 weight loss techniques Reduce excess fat permanently slim, no yo-yo !

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Women who started losing weight probably worried about the birth of yo-yo. Because before we can lose weight, we have to go through a lot of patience, but suddenly we have to meet the Yoyo effect and cause our weight loss to fail. Which if anyone is met like this, it is often discouraged to lose weight with each other.

     Yoyo effect is caused by the wrong weight loss. This may be caused by excessive fasting. Choosing to eat certain foods and not eating certain types Or even exercising too much can result in yo-yo as well. So what if we want to lose weight as intended? Including also must not have a https://ufabet999.com yo-yo condition, today we have 3 techniques to tell you !!

3 techniques to lose weight not for yo-yo

1. Be serious about your diet.

     When you intend to lose weight Diet is the core of this story. Women need to be more serious about dieting. Both control and control of the calories that should be consumed each day. Taking too many calories than your body needs is not going to make you slim.

     Whenever we eat very little food. Because it hopes that the body will use the accumulated fat If we do this behavior for a long time This will result in the body to understand that we are in a state of starvation. The body will reserve energy for use by stopping the accumulated fat burning. Make it when the girls Can’t stand the hunger. Return to eat as before. Therefore easier to accumulate fat Because the body refuses to burn energy, then sure enough.

2. Exercise to keep fit

     Balancing calories in each day. With exercising to burn accumulated calories It is another matter of effective weight loss. Because too much exercise is not good Too little or no exercise is also bad.

     Therefore, women should plan their exercise well and should be consistent with the calories they receive each day. As for the type of exercise, it actually depends more on your individual preferences. If you are a person who likes to exercise in an open place Choosing to run around the course may give you more fun and improve your workout. But if you’re a person who doesn’t like exercising alone, they may choose to take a workout class instead.

3. Reduce tension

     For some, diet and exercise can be life-changing. Because from being a person who was sitting, lying down, living a leisurely life Want to eat anything But when you decide to lose weight, you have to be strict with yourself and remind yourself to be more disciplined. Which of these things can cause the body to cause tension to come up. And this stress is one of the reasons why we can make yo-yo effects as well. And vice versa, when the body’s Yoyo effect has been born Can create even more stress

Therefore, we should try to relax and reward ourselves. Which rewarding himself is not that it is too greedy But try to set rules with yourself as motivation For example, promising yourself that if you run five rounds of the course, you will allow yourself to eat a small piece of chocolate like this, it is a weight loss that is not too stressful and allows you to do it for longer.