Messi is not thinking about retiring at this time.

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Inter Miami striker Lionel Messi has revealed that he has no thoughts about retiring at this time.

    At the age of 36, the captain of the Argentine national team came to play with Major League USA and is ready to stir up the excitement of football in USA. In 19 games played for the club since moving, he scored 16 goals and 7 Assist.

    Despite his recent injury problems, Messi confirmed during an interview with UFABET Podcast that he is not thinking about retiring at this time.

    “I knew the time would come when I felt like I couldn’t perform anymore. No longer enjoying playing or helping teammates I will probably stop playing,” Messi said. “I am a person who is very critical of myself. I know when I’m doing well. When did I do bad work?”

    “When I felt it was time to quit. I would quit without considering age at all. If I still feel good I will try to keep going because it is something I love and I know how to do it.”

    “I still haven’t thought about what I’ll do after I quit playing. For today, I try to have fun each day. I will find a way to fulfill my passion and do what I love and do new things.”

    “As far as sports are concerned, I have been lucky enough to achieve all my dreams. I couldn’t ask for anything more than this. Thank you God for giving me everything in terms of career and humanity. Like my family and friends, I try to enjoy all that God has given me. There are quite a lot of them.”